Fine Art Landscape Photography

Welcome to my website where you will find a variety of fine art landscape and nature images taken from my travels around Britain and abroad. Each gallery contains a broad mix of landscapes from the UK and other locations abroad. All the images displayed here are available for purchase as fine art prints or as digital files for commercial stock libraries. Ordering information can be obtained by clicking on Prints in the navigation panel.

The images above are a small sample of my recent work and can be seen in more detail in the galleries.

Prints and Image Quality

Images displayed on this website have been reduced in size in order to speed up loading. To ensure the closest possible match between the displayed and printed image I regularly calibrate my monitor and use manufacturer supplied printer paper profiles specifically designed for my printer.

When prints or digital files are ordered they will be produced from my original very high resolution masters which are too large for website display. Therefore you can be assured of high quality prints.

Optimum Viewing

I have designed this website to fully responsive to varying screen sizes such as desktop, tablet and mobile phones. The larger screen offers the better viewing experience. A desktop monitor or decent sized laptop screen set to the highest possible screen resolution will show the images at their best. If using a laptop please be aware the viewing angle of the screen can dramatically affect the colour and contrast of the image.

Monochrome Images

Some images are better suited for monochrome conversion and these have been selected for display in a Monochrome only gallery


All Images within this website are copyright Philip Thompson

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