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Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography by Philip Thompson LRPS

Photographer Profile

I am a UK based photographer fortunate enough to be living close to the Peak National Park in Derbyshire. As a Landscape Photography specialist this scenic area provides plenty of local photo opportunities.

My lifelong interest in photography started when I acquired my first 35mm film camera. Many years (and a few cameras) later I changed from 35mm to medium format roll film using a Mamiya 645.

I have always enjoyed the whole process of photography including developing and printing my own films. I have learnt by practical application, talking to other photographers and through membership of a camera club. My only formal training was a short introductory course on the use of large format cameras, studio equipment and lighting.

In 2009 I changed to digital and now use a high resolution Canon DSLR. The very high quality images produced by this camera make excellent prints up to exhibition size. I like the convenience of using digital and the control it gives over the production of the final image. My experience with film has been very valuable and I am sure this medium will still continue to be used for a long time to come.

Although my main photographic interest is in the Landscape I am always on the lookout for anything which makes an interesting image. Occasionally I like to take Nature (mainly Flowers) , Urban Scenes and abstract subjects to diversify my portfolio. Fine art photography entails much more than just shooting a "view". More effort is put in to selecting the composition and waiting for the right lighting.  To capture the essence of the landscape I look out for images with one or more of the 3 important components: Mood, Atmosphere or Drama. Quite often I have to visit the same location many times before the lighting is good enough to make an interesting picture. However, I always have my camera with me even if the weather and lighting looks dull because things can change suddenly.

My aim is to capture and publish on this website as many varied and interesting images as I can find by travelling to suitable locations in the UK and abroad. In this aim I feel a sense of urgency due to the increasing development pressure on open countryside.

Royal Photographic Society Distinction

The RPS offers three levels of Distinctions which set recognised standards of achievement. In March 2015 I was awarded the first level LRPS distinction (Licentiateship of The RPS).

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and I hope you enjoy my work displayed in the image galleries. New Images will be added on a regular basis so please bookmark my site and visit again soon.



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